Thursday, March 18, 2010

A&E show Sell This House!

We won something! Our family and our house is being featured on A&E's show Sell This House! They are filming this coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Crazy!!! I didn't even enter this contest, our real estate agent entered us, the producer came and met us and we got picked! It all happened very fast. I have been cleaning the house for their visits and getting ready for the filming next week, so I have slowed down on my posting and cooking adventures. I do hope to make some goodies for the crew and our friends that participate in the show. I'll share.

Not sure if I should feel honored that they picked us, they usually pick houses that are tacky or decorated in poor taste. I like to think that isn't why they picked our house, I think it is stylish. Our house is over crowded with furniture, furniture that is too big for our tiny little rooms. That what I am telling myself is the reason they are coming here. I can't clean up my clutter, they want that for the before pictures, but I can clean my house. This place will be cluttered but spic-spank'n clean! I will die if someone says on national television that my house smells bad or is dirty, they can call everything ugly, but not dirty and smelly. I'll blog my experience with the show. It should be interesting and fun. Our show airs on June 26th.

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