About Me

I am always thinking of the next meal.  We finish breakfast and I ask my husband excitedly, "What do you want for lunch?"  Like a lot of people, I feel like I make the same thing every week.  One day, while watching Food Network, I discovered "Contesting".  It is a real term used to refer to people who make a hobby of entering contests, not sweepstakes, but actual contests.  There are hundreds of original recipe contests every year that give away lots great prizes including, products and big money.  Pillsbury hosts the grand-daddy of them all every two years with their Pillsbury Bake Off where they award one person one million dollars.

I left the corporate world to stay home with my little boys a few years ago.  I worried about being a stay at home mom; would I miss work or the feeling of individuality and success that work gave me?  Nope!  I really don't miss work.  I love being home with my boys!  I started contesting as a way to give myself something for myself and found I really do like it.  My husband and boys are my honest judges and biggest fans.  We live in New England but I am from Texas and was raised by mid-westerners, so my food influences vary greatly.  I hope to share many successful wins including participating in the Pillsbury Bake Off one day.  I will also share other cooking and home life fun between my contest entries.

Please comment!  I love hearing what people think, I am not a professional chef/cook in anyway, so feedback is great.  Please share good ideas on food, blogs and contests.

Thanks for visiting!