Monday, October 4, 2010

Another win and the OceanSpray Cranberry Festival


I won another contest!!!  Vlasic pickles, "What does Vlasic do for you?" contest.  A hundred bucks and free pickles!  Wow!  I placed in the top 10 for a great story about a great recipe using pickles.  I entered with our Texas brisket empanadas.  We made these in Houston this past May after a big BBQ.  Sounds strange, pickles and brisket empanadas, but they really were great.  I am so excited to finally see some success from my efforts.  My husband could not stop laughing that I won a pickle contest, but we'll see who is laughing when we have FREE pickles!!!  I can't believe I won two contest in a few weeks - I am on a roll!  It is time to get cracking on some new contests.  I finally signed up for  Looks like a very valuable site.  I hope to share more success soon!

Saturday we went to the OceanSpray Cranberry Festival at Patriot Place so I could be available as an alternate in the cook off.  Everyone showed up and participated so I really didn't have anything to do, but I found it a great experience to see the cook off get started and most importantly to meet the contestants.  All three were seasoned contesters.  It was amazing to finally meet and speak to a real contester in person and get some tips, ideas and just hear their amazing experiences.  I didn't stay to watch the whole thing, my mom was in town this weekend so we went off to another adventure, but not before we checked out all the cranberry festivities.  Did you know there are working cranberry bogs at Patriot Place behind the Bass Pro Shop?  So cool!  We toured the bogs and had a blast at the Bass Pro Shop, always fun.  The kids loved the whole event and it was a great family day.  I hope to be in the cook off next year!

The cranberry demonstrations were so fun for the kids.  A great day celebrating the little red berry!

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