Thursday, October 28, 2010

CSA Season Ends

So sad.  We picked up the last box for the CSA season on Tuesday.  The last few boxes were packed full of winter squash and potatoes that I am storing in the basement.  Properly stored the squash and potatoes should get us through the rest of the year pretty easily.  I loved being apart of the CSA.  We will definitely do it again next year.  It might not be for everyone, getting a huge box of random vegetables every week can be a bit overwhelming, but if you really like to cook and have the time to put into using all the veggies I highly recommend the CSA.  It was cheaper than shopping weekly at the farmers market and I like getting things I would not buy on my own.  Pushes you out of your regular food routine.  Till next June when the boxes start coming again, guess we are back to grocery store produce.

Lots of dirty root veggie. Perfect for basement storage

The last box did not disappoint.  They really saved the best and strangest for last - we got a Blue Hubbard Squash.  It is the ugliest thing you ever saw and all the preparation instructions suggest you smash it open in your driveway.  It will keep for a long time, so I am not cooking it yet, but will share with my blog world the process and out come when we finally do crack that baby open.

Just to reference the size, you can see it is about as big as the cat.

Goodbye CSA!  Till Next year :-(


  1. Interesting blog and may I wish you luck in your endeavors. What a pretty kitty you have. I trust he inspires you, a real kitchen cat. Thnx

  2. Thank you! I enjoy my blog and hope it is interesting to someone out there. Thanks for the boost of support!!