Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Canning is Cool!

At least that is what all the blogs are trying to convince me.  My CSA wraps up in a few weeks and the final boxes feel like an inventory reduction sale with loads of zucchini, peppers and radishes.  Currently there are 10 zucchini in my kitchen and I have already made 5 batches of zucchini bread.  I am not sure the exact measurement of a peck, but my crisper drawer is giving Peter Pipper a run for his money on peppers.  Here is the challenge I have given myself, for no other reason than to make my own life more difficult, make and can condiments.  My list of homemade condiments includes: salsa, pickled radish, zucchini relish and sweet pepper relish.  Should be interesting.  I have been studying recipes on-line and in books for the2 days, just have to make one last grocery run to get all the necessary items, then the canning marathon begins!  I will chronicle the chaos in a future blog post.  Yikes.

Please feel free to share any canning ideas or recipes that might help with my surplus.

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