Friday, September 17, 2010

I WON!! I WON!!!

Well I am an alternate anyway.  I am the alternate for the OceanSpray Tailgate Contest!!  There are 3 top finalist which leaves me in 4th place; waiting in the wings should someone be unable to participate in the cook off.  I am super excited!!!  This is my first win!  First response of any kind from my contest entries.

On October 2nd OceanSpray is holding a cranberry festival of sorts at Patriot Place.  The cook off, with the three top finalist, will be one of the events. I actually don't have all the information, they are sending me a packet informing me of the details of the event and what role I might play in it all.  I am just so excited to have placed!!!  Had to share the good news with my blog world.  I will share pictures and a full account of the event.  Hopefully one of the 3 finalist will have a huge family commitment that weekend and won't go.  Fingers crossed!  I might get a chance to cook off!!!  Yea!!!

Here is another picture of my winning recipe:  Thanksgiving Quesadillas

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