Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CSA Week 4 & 5

CORN IS HERE!! Got 10 ears last week and 14 ears this week! Thinking corn chowder? Meals have been simple the past few weeks. We traveled a little, spending a few nights up at Lake Winnepesaukee and since we returned have been hanging low. This summer has been very busy and we really needed a few weeks of the simple home life. I will share a few of the interesting things I have done over the past weeks; cabbage rolls, more pesto, and Uncle Joe's Empanadas. I am going to need to find something to do with all these cucumbers and Thai Basil. Oh and more chard. Will need to do some Googling.

Week 4 Box
Lettuce only 2 this week, thank goodness!
Kohlrabi 2 total; 1 green and 1 purple
Basil (2 types)
Yellow Squash
Potatoes (2 types)
Onions - 2 big bulbs
Last Week's Box in Review

Week 5 Box
Corn - 14 ears!
2 heads lettuce
Cucumbers - 6, yea 6!
Swiss Chard
Thai Basil

Here are some of the simple but good meals we have been making over the past few weeks.

Favorite way to make yellow squash and zucchini. Olive oil, salt/pepper - toss it on the grill. Can't be beat!

Kids meal! Fresh potatoes mashed, carrots, corn and some Panko chicken strips. A simple and unprocessed meal for children, this is what school lunches should look like.

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