Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Contesting Update

Summer seems to be the "off season" for contests. Not a lot going on now, which is good, I don't really have the time or interest in the summer to work the contest circuit too hard. I have found a few interesting ones coming up. There are two sites I follow to find what contests are going on Foodreference.com and Contestcooking.com. The contests are listed in order of due dates which helps, the foodreference site seems to include more of the small and local contests so I check both sites to ensure I don't miss a thing. I should be entering every contest, but I pick and choose the ones that really interest me the most. The following are a few I am considering or thinking about now.

Aunt Nellie's "Say Yes to Beets!" 8/31
- With all the fresh beets in my fridge I should do something with this contest. There is a Beet Drink catagory.... beet mojito? Hmmm. Not sure where to go here, but will think about it. http://www.senecafoods.com/ourbrands/auntnellie_beetcontest.shtml
Hood New England Dairy Cook Off 9/31 - This is the first contest I ever entered, and of course lost. My odds have to be better since only residents from the 6 New England states can enter. I will work hard on this one to see if maybe I can't get my first win from my first interest. http://www.hood.com/promo/cookoff0610/

Some of the current Monthly Contests

Foodiekitchen.com - I have never entered this site's contests. Think I'll start looking at it closer. This month's contests look good, but I seem to have missed the due dates. Will follow more closely.
Athena Phyllo Dough - I put some real effort into this product last year. I am not quite a phyllo expert, but like to keep up with their contests. It is a fun product to play with, maybe we can make a phyllo emplanada? www.phyllo.com
This month the two categories are Corn and Grilling.
Mixing Bowl - I discovered this site this past winter and was very active for awhile. This week I noticed I am somehow the "showcase member". Yikes! I have entered several of their contests, still haven't won, but getting good feedback and I really enjoy the site. I could do this snack contest. www.mixingbowl.com
Quick & Easy Outdoor Snacks - due date 8/15
Best Lean Beef Recipe - 7/31

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