Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CSA Week 1

Got our first box of the CSA today! The harvest is quite plentiful. All my fears of waste are running rampant. And what on earth am going to do with a kohlrabi? No, make that two kohlrabi? Google will be buzzing tonight with crazy vegetable searches. I think I will first tackle the Swiss Chard. Seems easy enough, just doing a simple saute recipe like I make spinach. Hoping to use some of those radishes for appetizers this Saturday night when I have friends over,maybe there is a beet dip or something I can find. The rest will mix into our everyday meals easy enough except that darn kohlrabi. I remember my mom making it once. Think I need to call Mom.

Week 1 Box
Swiss Chard
Beets 2 or 3 kinds
Radish 2 kinds
Scallion Onions
Fresh bunch of Cilantro
Pint of Fresh Cherries

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