Sunday, April 4, 2010

A&E - Sell This House! - Before

I started this post the weekend before the Sell This House crew arrived to film our episode. Just getting around to posting it now. Funny how crazy my mind was racing before they got here. Everyone was speculating what they were going to do. Working on the after post, it is coming very soon.


Sell This House from A&E start filming tomorrow. Yikes! Just to make our lives that much more difficult, we decided to have granite installed in the kitchen the day before the show shoots. This is our project, not the show. So with less than 24 hours from camera time, the kitchen whole 1st floor is a disaster.

I have been cleaning like a freak since we found out we are on the show. They don't want us to change the rooms or our clutter, but I can make it clean. My husband is getting a bit carried away and I am afraid he is going to hide all our clutter before they get here. He is going to get us in trouble!

The House

It is actually a condo. We own the right side. We bought it as a two family with some friends then had it split into two equal condos. The plan was to flip them and use this purchase as a starter home that might bounce us into a higher priced single family with a yard. The housing market has not cooperated with our plans. The house was built somewhere between 1880 and 1890.

Entry and Dining Room - 1st Floor

I love the color of this room and my curtains. They will likely change all that. We never bought a real dining room set for this house because we have been planning on moving since we bought the place. I bought some really old dining room chairs from a yard sale. Worst yard sale buy ever! They all immediately broke, but I still keep them and make people sit lightly on them for dinner. Also got the piano for free on Love the piano but it really doesn't have a great home in this house.

Kitchen - 1st Floor

Brand new counters coming soon! We gutted and redid this kitchen but it was really hard to lay out. Being as old as the house is, there are no square corners. There is an old chimney that runs up through the house that really threw off our room shapes. The chimney is behind our fridge, that is why it is in the middle of the kitchen. We stumped the team at Home Depot that lays out kitchens. Let's see if the Sell This House team can make it better. I also like the color I picked here too, Corn Husk Green. There is also a half bath off the kitchen, no pictures.

Living Room - 1st Floor

The children have taken over this room. It is crazy! The carpet is a huge area rug we put over the hardwood when the boys were babies. Easier for a baby to crawl around on carpet then cold hardwood. Figure the show will surely roll up the rug.

Master Bedroom - 2nd Floor

It is so small! Our furniture looks huge, but it is the "city scale" furniture, that means apartment size. The closets are too small for a standard hanger so we can't close the door. They show's producers said they found our closet problem fascinating. Fascinating is not what we call it, looking forward to seeing what they do in here.

Nursery - 2nd Floor

This room is smaller than a prison cell. It is 8X9, I am pretty sure prisoners get 10X10. I don't think the show will touch this room, but we will probably pull the ottoman out and the changing table for better showings. This is our 4th bedroom, but we can't list that way, it doesn't have a closet so it isn't a legal bedroom.

There is also a full bath on the 2nd floor, no picture, I don't think the show does bathrooms. It is all new though, very nice.

2nd Bedroom - 3rd Floor

This was our office till we moved a little boy up there about 6 months ago. Just got bunk beds about a month ago, won't bunk them for several years though. The 3rd floor bedrooms are really pretty large. Though they are attic rooms, they have full ceilings and are very functional. We are pretty sure the attic has always been finished as rooms. We found a really old picture in the wall here when we were renovating. A group of people from the turn of the century sitting in front of the house. Very cool.

3rd Bedroom - 3rd Floor

This is our guest room, however it has yet to recover from the arrival of the bunk beds. A lot of furniture has been shoved into this room, it is really the catch all room. We haven't had any house guests since Christmas so it has really had time to get out of hand. What a mess!

So excited and scared to see what they do to the house. Hope it is a fun adventure!

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