Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Million Dollar Ice Cream Cup

I called it!! The Mini Ice Cream Cup won! Sue Compton from New Jersey was awarded the million dollar top prize in this year's Pillsbury Bake Off. Did I mention it was my pick? And that I had a similar idea? He he. I have been so anxiously awaiting the results, you would think I was in the contest. I had so much fun trying the recipes and following the contest. I can't even imagine how crazy nervous I would be if I were a participant. One day maybe I'll know. Time for me to get off the sidelines and start participating and winning some fun contests. There are some great contests running right now, I need to get in the game. Hope to share some success soon!

I haven't watched the Oprah show yet, taped it on the DVR. Saw the announcement on the Pillsbury site: site.

I still have a few Mini Ice Cream Cups in my freezer from yesterday, think I'll have one to celebrate Ms. Compton's win. Congratulations Sue, you did it, you won the grand daddy of all contests!!

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