Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Card Display Frame

Arts & Crafts time!  This is a new kind of post for me.  I was inspired by a new blog I found, I Heart Nap Time.  Being born and raised in Texas, crafting is in my blood, however since my move to New England I just haven't been as crafty.  There are certainly people who do crafts up here, but not to the extent of Southern women.  On occasion I go back to my roots and craft up something good, I'll share the results.  No, I won't be bedazzling Keds or anything crazy like that. Let's warm up the hot glue gun and see what kind of pretty things we can make!

For years I could not find a good place to display all the holiday cards we receive.  You tape them to a door frame, they fall down.  Place them on a table, clutter clutter yuck!  I am just too darn cheap to buy one of those pretty iron display racks at Pottery Barn, so last year I made a pretty display out of some felt and a piece of art I had hanging on the wall.  Here are easy step-by-step directions on how to make your own Holiday Card Display Frame.  Enjoy!

Step 1:  Find an existing piece of art on your wall to turn into your card display.  Note: Don't chose an expensive, real piece of art.  I chose a piece I bought from one of the hotels I worked at for $5 when they renovated.

Step 2:  Gather your materials.  Framed picture, large piece of red felt, packing tape or masking tape, ribbon, twist tie, scissors and straight pins.

Step 3:  Size the felt.  Lay out the felt and trim to fit the frame leaving the back open so you can still use the hanging wire to rehang the picture.

Step 4:  Tape down the felt.  Pull it kind of tight.  Tape the felt to the back of the picture.  This is why you don't use a "real" piece of art.  It can damage the back of the framing when you remove it, but not bad.  I used this same picture last year, it is still in great condition.

Step 5:  Tie a nice thick ribbon around the whole thing.  Remember to slip it under the hanging wire and tie it up in the back for a polished look on the front. 

The result is a pretty package!

Step 6:  Tie a pretty bow.  I love the wire lined ribbon.  If you use wire rimmed ribbon you don't have to be an expert bow maker to make a pretty bow.  It shapes up so easily,  you can just bend the ribbon into something nice.  Please bear with my bow making pictures, they are not pretty.  I make bows by doing loops on loops twisting the ribbon in the center so the velvet side is always out.  I secure the whole thing a twist of the ribbon over the middle and tie it up in the back.  Next I added separate pieces of ribbon to create the tails.  I use a twist tie from a bag of bread to secure the whole thing to the ribbon on the frame.   

 The finish:  My bow making instructions were not so great, this is the bow I came up with.  My bows come out different every time I make one.  You could also buy a pretty pre-made bow.

Step 7:  Hang your frame back on the wall.

Step 8:  Use straight pins from your sewing kit to secure all the holiday cards you receive.  On a folded card I hide the pin on the inside of the card.  On a flat photo card I use the Christmas color pins only.

Continue to add cards to the frame all season long.  It is beautiful when it is totally full of happy seasons greetings!

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  1. This is a great post. But my wife and I were just commenting that more and more, we only get cards from businesses. Just this week, we got three from a business, non from family and friends, but 6 electronic "newsletter" Christmas greetings.

    But, the business Holiday (they are afraid to say Christmas) cards would still look as festive