Thursday, March 10, 2011

Johnsonville Pastaville Winner: Baby Bella Sausage Cupcake Surprise

In my continuing effort to learn from my contests entries and losses, I made the winning recipe from the Johnsonville Pastaville Contest (FYI, the winner was not my entry).  The top three winners were in this order; Baby Bella Sausage Cupcake Surprise, Sweet & Spicy Italian Stir Fry and Pappardella with Sizzled Sausage and Mushrooms.  The first thing I noticed about the this group of winners is they are all very simple and use common ingredients.  They were also very common flavors or types of dishes you might see or eat regularly; a red sauce/spaghetti meal, an Asian stir fry and a beef stroganoff type dish.  Most of the sponsors want easy meals that will appeal to a wide audience and the average home cook can make, however you never know just how simple they really want it.  I have seen some contest winners that have simple recipes but one weird or uncommon twist to them, so you never know.  All three of these dishes use everyday ingredients that I already had on hand, so it was easy to whip this up on the fly.

The Baby Bella Sausage Cupcake Surprise were a perfect little spaghetti treat.  When preparing the dish it felt like it should have more spaghetti so I might have slipped a few more noodles in than the recipe suggested.  Definitely a nice treat and a great way surprise for the kids. I will make it again with maybe a few new things mixed in and fun toppings. Congratulations Victoria Lee!  Enjoy this victory!

Recipe Link:
Baby Bella Sausage Cupcake Surprise


  1. Looks delicious! Too bad Paula doesn't like sausage, so I'll probably never get to try them. :-(

  2. Bob, you could make them with pepperoni or veggie and no sausage. They were good, a little rich, but that is what makes it so good. Give it a try!