Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jack O'Lantern Fun

I finally found a good use for all the excess CSA veggies.  Radishes are great in pumpkin carving and we finally found a good use for kale.  I saw the butternut squash ghosts in Martha Stewart's Halloween Magazine and loved them.  Got so many great compliments on the squash from trick or treating parents.  We had a fabulous Halloween and the whole family had a blast decorating the pumpkins.  Here are the highlights:

There is a hole in here!  We had to do some creative carving to cover the bad spots where the dang squirrels ate my pumpkin.  This big pumpkin has been sitting in the yard all month and the squirrels went to town on it.

We didn't even hollow out the little one, just stuck stuff all over him.  The pineapple top was my husband's idea.  Found use for all those darn white radish - buck teeth!  I also have a lot of old jalapeños from my salsa canning event, they made great noses and eyes. 

The oldest boy made this one all by himself.  What an artist we have on our hands.

You know as much as I really don't want to like Martha Stewart (not really sure why I want to hate her, it just seems like I should), but the lady really does come up with cool stuff (or her people do, whatever).  Loved these squash ghosts.  They look great at night.  

Fun with pumpkin guts and the aftermath.  We didn't even bother with newspaper, just swept and mopped it all up after.  

We lit the big guy's pipe and used some kale to make the little patch mustache to cover the squirrel damage.


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